Automotive Film & Photography

Photographer turned Filmaker

Ever sincen the early 2000’s I have always been a very passionate photographer. This passion naturally transitioned into moving film.

My passion for filmmaking suddenly occured when DSLR cameras were able to shoot moving video as well as stills. The result was incredible, superior high end filming with a beautiful image all from the same camera that I was already using.

I think this photographer to filmmaker approach gives me a distinct difference in style, yet gives the huge benefit of understanding both photos and video delivering a cohesive set of both.

Supercar Passion

I have aways had a passion for the automotive world, even from a really young age.

To do what you love doing, and about somethign you are so passionate about always yields a superior result. I always invest in the lastest technology to create a really distinctive look to both photography and film making. 

From realtime ‘reportage style’ event coverage through to fully setup and directed shoots – I can ensure a creative rich approach to shooting content with a passionate approach to editing the final output.

A creative story-driven approach to all film making and photography projects.
Scott Wright
Scott Wright

Film Maker & Photographer